Our Team

Team quality is not the total amount of personal quality. However, personal qualities are the initial ingredients of a team. The co-ordination and cooperation that has been forged  by the time has made us extraordinary.

At TansKomunika, we have several small teams that are skilled, trengginas, and qualified.
To serve your needs to spread your wings at the international level, we prepare the following teams:

  1. Copywriting team
  2. Website translation team
  3. Content marketing translation team
  4. Legal translation team
  5. Technical translation team
  6. Interpreter team
  7. Expert board for Journal Scouting (Mentoring international scopus index article writing)

The translators  in our offices become team leaders who are responsive in their respective fields.


Adriana Savicki, Operational Manager

Anton Haryadi, translation lead

Dewi Nasution, Journal Scouting Lead









Quality assurance manager 

Wawan small1

Wawan Eko Yulianto, Quality Assurance








Wawan Eko Yulianto, is a doctoral candidate from the University of Arkansas, USA. His basic expertise is a comparative literature. He is fluent in Javanese, Indonesian, English, and Arabic. Aside from being a QA manager, he also accompanied journal scouting.


  • Expert board for Journal Scouting
    (Mentoring international scopus index article writing)



hilda small2

Hilda Cahyani, Ph.D., Journal Scouting

Hilda Cahyani, Ph.D. is a doctoral graduate of South Australian university. With a long experience of writing and editing internationally published scientific articles, she is leading in the Scouting Journal.



  • Expert board for Interpreting


Dewantoro Ratri, interpreting

Dewantoro Ratri has been an active interpreter since 2012 for various national and international events. with current experience being English for international organizations, the World Bank, the ILO (UN), and Indonesia-Australia cooperation in agriculture. In English teaching training, he has been active since 2004 and has been across the world of English for various client and type of expertise such as TOEFL, IELTS, English for Business etc. Dewantoro Ratri is the core team in TransKomunika Kencana for interpreting training and also for English teachers.


Our primary value is caring. This is reflected in our slogan, "Because we care".